Store Front Suite

Perfect solution if you are happy with your backend but need flexible and up-to-date Web or Mobile & Tablet presence.


Alegra recognizes some E-commerce companies has already established and working E-commerce back ends which would take big efforts to switch and it may not be right time for you to change it now.


But you still want to enhance your service, especially the bits that touch to END USERS!


Here you go, Alegra has built a unique automation for your use case that enables any scale of E-Commerce company to add or change just the Store Fronts by keeping the Backend Service as is.


So with Alegra Store front service you can built dynamic and advanced Web, Mobile Web, IPhone, Android Phone, IPAD, Android Tablet Store fronts that would work with perfect harmony with your existing backend.


All you need to do is activate our integration modules that works with many market leading backend services like Magento and within minutes your new platforms will be released. Please Inquire Us to learn if your backend is supported out of the box. And don’t worry if yet not, Alegra has a well-defined API Integration Document that enables any backend to interconnect to its automation.


By the way we should give you the good news, you do not even loose time while these integrations take few days, thanks to Alegra dynamic store front structure during the integrations you can do your web & mobile & tablet store front customizations in parallel. So when all is done you can immediately release your service on all screens.


Alternative available E-Commerce platforms that comes instantly and built in are; Web, Mobile Web, IPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, whereas again you are free to pick any of them any time.


With Alegra automation you can add screens right on the way with not starting from scratch on each device. Just activate your license and you are ready to go on any device and boost your audience & revenues.



Alegra E-Commerce Suite comes with instant delivery automation for all screens, so please Sign UP for your free demo, right now to see the difference with your eyes and get one step closer to boost your business.


Or please Contact US, if you have any questions and like to have a call for further information?

Key Alegra Store Front Suite Components

  • CMS
    All in one control center of all Alegra components with scalable and proven flexibility and performance
  • WEB Portal
    Dynamic Web Portal with strong social tools and advanced user experience
  • Mobile Apps
    Remote manageable IOS, Android and Windows 8 apps with unique and comprehensive user experience tools
  • Players
    Custom player solution with advanced user experience enhancement and personalization tools
  • E-commerce
    Built-in TVOD, SVOD and sponsored content delivery end to end technology for monetization
  • Second Screen Apps
    Advanced engagement solution to your content for maximum social interaction and viral expention
  • Live & VOD Streaming
    Comprehensive end to end video delivery tools with flexible CDN integration is ready to go
  • Tablet Apps
    IOS, Android and Windows 8 apps customized to your brand