Web Experience Portal

Dynamic Web Portal with strong social tools and advanced user experience
Up to date user centric custom portal design
Multi layer and level portal structure to welcome sub branding per TV Channel or content
Customize all user experience with just drag and drop with fully centrally ( 0 coding ) manageable and flexible technology
Powerful social tools; see what other or friends are watching, social login, content specific tweeting and tweet reading, watch list function, auto notification service for preset content interests, content recommendation based on preferences
Intelligent and auto categorization supported Search tools
Vertical Branded content specific section support with cast detail pages, info pages , video and photo galleries and extra content delivery
Strong User convenience services; resume on multi devices from the moment you left, preset of preferred video quality, notification and news letter frequency
Supports multi layers of branded and customized Sub. Channels on single or multiple domains

User targeting and ad optimization

Fully customizable design of each page and segment of portal

Integrated with Video and display ad servers

Linear TV and VOD content delivery Platform

User friendly TV guide with flexible EPG integration and moderation tools
AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and Sponsored content delivery ready
Manage your web session from your mobile device with a single click pairing
Custom News and Photo gallery sections
Dynamic pages and RSS feeds
API and Service based architecture
HTML 5 and tablet ready experience
Scalable strong caching and optimization mechanisms for high concurrent use