YouTube Revenue Booster

 15-06/10/screenshot-2015-06-10-001042-1433922720.pngAlegra OTT Platform offers you to present your YouTube videos at your OWN DOMAIN and NATIVE MOBILE / TABLET APPS with fully white label and designed environment, among 5 devices. 


Benefits Of Alegra YouTube Revenue Booster Service:      


  1.     Have your own branded web video portal and Mobile/ Tablet Apps in Minutes with YouTube Embed Player.
  2.     Create your own audience with your platforms and have chance to promote your new content when every you want via emailing’s, watch lists, push messaging on mobile…
  3.     Protect and MAXIMIZE your YouTube video revenues by using Alegra auto YouTube embedded tools across all devices.
  4.     Platform will automatically play all videos from YouTube with YouTube Player on all devices where as you will get more per view revenues as your mobile views grow as its more valuable.
  5.     When you get a targeted budget from a sponsor switch automatically the player to Alegra Player to serve those ads till settling that budget.
  6.     All so get display Ad revenues from your portal and Apps
  7.     The to the first row with strong SEO and your name on the platform to grab more traffic natively and engage more audience.
  8.     Have social integration and modules ready on your platform to expand your audience
  9.     Have your own audience members on your system not YouTube
  10. Have a stand-alone platform to keep your audience in your hand, YouTube not suggesting your users other videos on top of yours.


We aren’t asking you to close your YouTube Channel! We LOVE YouTube and ask you to MAXIME your revenues with having your own platform in parallel to YouTube Channel; to serve more videos and get more revenues from YouTube by using its embed players on your branded platforms.


How it works:


Simple. Alegra build’s you a portal and mobile / Tablet apps instantly and pull all the videos you select from your YouTube account and automatically publish them on your White Label platform Instantly. So you start earning more the next day.


Yes, you don’t need to upload all videos from scratch, Alegra pulls them automatically from YouTube by letting you have full control on what to publish and pull.


As you get more traffic to your own domain and mobile apps the video views of yours will increase with YouTube embed player in your apps and web site so you will earn more and more every day!


And while your revenues increase you focus on your core business where as we take care of your apps and web portal at all with Amazon AWS Service.


How to built it:


Very simple, please click the Signup Button from the upper right on


And get it all done in just minutes.

If you would like to see how it would look like please click on DEMO on our page.